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This is the page dedicated to the crazy synthesizer Crazynth.

What is able to do?
- Generate weird sounds on random generated basis.
- Modulate a sine-like wave to get strange outputs.
- Stereo outputs (a 5.1 surround version is ready, but still to be released).

What is not able to do?
- Anything but the few things listed above.

How is it developed?
- Written in C.
- Tested with Zynjacku LV2 host.
- OS used: Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit.
- Compiler used: build are made and tested with both GCC-4.4 and Open64 4.2.1.

- For the moment no Windows (VST, obviously) version exists, but it could be developed in the future.
- Crazynth is GPL licensed.

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