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This is the page dedicated to Russolo Suite, a collection of LV2 plugins (and in the future, hopefully, VST) developed by Valerio Orlandini and named after the Futurist musician Luigi Russolo. For the moment, the attention is focused on the first part of this project: a sufficiently crazy synthesizer, called (what a surprise) Crazynth, and a do-it-all effect, called Omnifono.

26 Nov. 2009 - Omnifono 0.1 (very) alpha version released. Get the file with source and 32 and 64 bit builds on the project page.

04 Nov. 2009 - Individual pages for the current two plugins have been created.

02 Nov. 2009 - Files in the SVN repository are uploaded only after a revision has been tested, so they are usually pretty stable.

27 Oct. 2009 - Uploaded a 64bit build of Crazynth, taken from a modified revision 6.

17 Oct. 2009 - To checkout the latest SVN code:
svn co intonarumori

06 Oct. 2009 - Pre alpha stereo edition of Crazynth is released.

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